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Outdoor Blogger of The Month: Corry Hall

Posted by Catherine V. on

Our featured outdoor blogger for May is Corry Hall. Corry is a 23 year old hiking enthusiast from Kamloops, BC, Canada!

Cory is wearing Pacific Mountain's Ascend in Gray/Black/Turquoise

This month, we've decided to do a little Q&A with Corry:

Q: How did you first got into hiking?

A: I have been hiking since I before I could even walk. My Mom and Dad are huge into hiking as well. They used to put a backpack on that they could carry me in and off we would go! As soon as I learned to walk I was doing simple hikes and as I got older, the hikes got more difficult. Being introduced to hiking at such a young age is something I am very grateful for. It has definitely shaped who I am as a person. It has allowed me to be more down to earth and has also taught me to never give up.

Q: What are your must-haves for hiking?

A: The two most important things for me when hiking are comfortable boots and a good, sturdy backpack. Boots make all of the difference when hiking. When looking for new boots I always make sure and look for something with a solid grip on the bottom, as well as one that has lots of ankle support. This allows me to think a lot less about where exactly my feet are going because the boots can support me. A backpack that fits well is equally as important. If your backpack fits well your shoulders, hips and back will forever thank you!

Q: If someone were to visit your hometown, Kamloops, BC, what is the one hiking trail that you would recommend?

A:  My number one favorite hike in Kamloops is Battle Bluffs. This short but sweet hike gives extremely rewarding view over Kamloops Lake and the Thompson River. The rocky bluff sits high above the lake making you feel like you’re on top of the world! Corry at Battle Bluffs in Kamloops, BC, Canada

Q: Do you have any tips for beginner hikers?

A: I actually wrote an entire blog post about this here. There is so much to know as a beginner hiker! But my number one tip would be to always know what you're getting yourself into. Choose a hike that is appropriate to your skill level and always always hike with a friend.

Q: Lastly, what do you like most about your Ascend hiking boots?

A: They are SO comfy. They feel like I am walking on a cloud. This is so important for me especially with the number of hours I spend on my feet. They are a nice light weight hiker and are versatile for all sorts of terrain. The grip on the bottom of them is also incredible.

Don't forget to check out Corry's blog and Instagram!

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