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5 Snacks to Bring on Your Next Day Hike

Posted by Catherine V. on

Snacks. Who doesn't love them? They're great any time of the day, but especially for day hikes when you just want a little energy boost and don't want to pack a full meal with you. Here's 5 ideas on what to bring:

1. Jerky

Beef jerky, salmon jerky, buffalo jerky.... They all pack a good amount of protein and flavors in a small package. Even the US Department of Agriculture recommends them for hikes. They're non-perishable, easy to carry around and provides you with all the energy to power through your hike. Just don't forget to drink water since store-bought jerky tends to contain lots of sodium.

2. Dried Fruit

Another item that you don't have to worry about going bad! Dried fruits are filled with minerals such as potassium, iron and copper. They also contain lots of fibers to keep your digestive system working smoothly. Dried bananas, apples, mangoes and even raisins are great to chew on while hiking. Instead of purchasing dried fruit coated with sugar, opt for naturally dried ones with no artificial additives and preservatives!

3. Almonds

Did you know almonds are seeds from almond trees that are native to the Middle East? They're low in calories but high in nutrients and antioxidants. They're also loaded with magnesium that helps regulate your blood sugar, blood pressure level and increases your energy levels. Next time when you're packing your bag for a hike, throw in a pack of almonds for a quick and easy snack that your body will love.

4. Energy Bars

Energy bars come in all kinds of different flavors: peanut butter, chocolate, coconut.... They're a great source of carbohydrates and often contain added vitamins, fibers and amino acids. Energy bars are an ideal pick-me-up when you're starting to feel tired and sluggish mid-hike. The convenience of an energy bar is just undeniable. For those who like to know what goes into your food, try out this easy, no-bake recipe from Brown Eyed Baker!Image by Brown Eyed Baker

5. Water

Okay, this one's not really a snack, but it's definitely the most important thing to bring with you on a hike. By staying hydrated, you'll be able to focus and concentrate better so you can make sure you're on the staying on the right trail. Water also lubricates your joints and keeps your muscles elastic so you won't be so sore after your hike that you won't be able to walk the next morning. If you're still not convinced and thinking about your sugary sodas, think about all the horrible symptoms of dehydration. You might experience dizziness, confusion, and headache if you deprive your body of water. To avoid this, fill up your water bottle before leaving for your hike.

Energy bars image by Brown Eyed Baker